In the bustling Rocky Point property market that is attracting talent from the world over, Kenneth is in a league of his own. A true real estate prodigy and marketing guru, he sports a resume that covers every aspect of the buying and selling spectrum.

Kenneth has been involved in Rocky Point real estate since early on when the now highly coveted Sandy Beach was still just that –– a sandy beach. Kenny, as he’s known to his friends and colleagues, literally witnessed the birth of Rocky Point from nothing into the thriving beach resort that it is now.

An explorer at heart, his venturous spirit saw him head businesses in the United States and as far as Europe; but not before he made his mark as an A-List Realtor in Rocky Point, selling tens of millions of dollars worth of real estate. Large commercial properties to small studios, lots and penthouses –– if something needs selling, Kenny is your man!

Kenny’s passion and devotion to his clients can be seen from a mile away. He goes to extreme lengths to educate clients, and firmly believes that good purchase decisions come from complete understanding and transparency. His candor and obsessively ethical approach makes him a favorite with buyers from US and other countries.

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